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Healthy tip of the week (HTW): September 17- September 24

Submitted by Get Healthy Heights on September 15, 2017 at 4:48pm.
Get Healthy Heights

Hearing loss is a growing problem that does not get as much attention as it should, so turn down the volume and listen up!

Contrary to popular beliefs hearing loss affects everyone including children, teenagers and adults.  Hearing difficulty and hearing loss can be caused by different reasons such as injuries, illnesses, or genetics.

Recent studies have shown that a major factor that has contributed in the increase of hearing loss among kids and teens is too much noise exposure. This means that when we put the music all the way up with headphones on and look for that extra bass we are causing direct harm to our ear canals, also headphones of low quality directly affect your hearing because our first instinct is to turn the volume up.

Having issues with you hearing affects your everyday life

    • Kids and teens with hearing issues struggle in school because most teachers lack experience dealing with kids who use hearing aids.
    • Adults with hearing loss also have problems when they deal with people who don’t know how to communicate with them if they are using a hearing aid.


Tips to help raise awareness and prevent further damage

    • Use earplugs to block out noise pollution
    • Turn down the volume on your TV or radio, or phone especially when listening to music
    • Use earplugs when listening to live music
    • Use high quality headphones to protect your hearing


Tips to help others communicate better with those who use hearing aid

    • Speak clearly
    • Keep hands or other barriers away from your face
    • Avoid talking with food in your mouth
    • Do not chew gum
    • Avoid places with live music
    • When eating at a restaurant, request a table away from the kitchen and bar area
    • Be patient


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