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Treating depression and anxiety: Can we get past the trial and error approach?

Submitted by ColumbiaPsychiatry on April 02, 2015. Columbia Psychiatry


BlogTalkRadio Series

On this episode of Columbia Psychiatry's BlogTalkRadio, Dr. Patrick McGrath discusses the pioneering EMBARC study, which seeks to make the first steps toward a future where testing will help predict which treatment will be most effective for depression. He is joined by Stigma Fighters co-founder Sarah Fader, an advocate for the mentally ill who has blogged considerably about her own battles with mental illness, including depression. Stigma Fighters is working hard to address stigma against people with mood disorders. Ms. Fader will discuss her advocacy work in this regard.

To learn about the EMBARC study and whether you qualify to participate, call 646-774-8000.
For more about Ms. Fader's work, go to