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Boricua College

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Boricua College is an independent, private, not-for-profit liberal arts and science college located in New York City.

Mission Statement
Within the diverse constellation of America’s institutions of higher education, Boricua College has these unique aims and commitments:

(1) as a Puerto Rican institution deriving its name from the Taino word for the Island Borinquen the College seeks to strengthen Boricua culture through a bilingual, bicultural approach to all
learning, and special course offerings in Puerto Rican history, art and culture. At the same time
the institution focuses many of its learning activities on understanding and finding solutions to
problems facing Puerto Rican and other Spanish-speaking people in America, and aims to
prepare students for effective leadership in their communities in future years.
(2) as a liberal arts institution, Boricua College aims for high standards of academic performance
from both students and faculty. Its curriculum offers students a solid foundation in the concepts
and methods of the humanities, the social sciences, and physical sciences. Careful attention is
given to the development of both the affective and intellectual skills required for further lifelong
learning and leadership in the world.
(3) as an innovative and non-traditional institution, Boricua College offers students the
opportunity to design highly individualized learning programs, and work at their own pace
towards intellectual and career goals. Such programs build upon prior student achievements, for
which special credit may be granted. These learning programs combine individual and group
instruction, academic study and clinical experiences beyond the College’s walls; and give serious attention to both intellectual and affective dimensions of human growth. A Boricua College education is therefore well adapted to the needs of all students, but especially adult students returning to college after some years of employment or home-management as well as to students whose continuing family or employment responsibilities would otherwise make a college education difficult.

For curriculum, programs, and financial assistance information, visit: BoricuaCollege


Boricua College
3755 Broadway
10032 New York , NY
United States
Phone: (212) 694-1000
Fax: (212) 694-1015
New York US