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Lifespire Inc.

Submitted by CCPH on January 23, 2017. Get Healthy Heights Columbia Community Partnership for Health

Mission Statement:
Lifespire is committed to the principle that all individuals with disabilities are able to become contributing members of their families and communities. It is our aim to provide them with the assistance and support necessary so that they can attain the skills needed to maintain themselves in the most integrated and independent manner possible.

Stewardship: Protecting, honoring, and promoting the people, property, and resources with which we have been entrusted.
Integrity: Honoring our commitment to people we support, to each other, fellow employees, and the organization.
Excellence: Providing superior community services and support to people with life challenges.
Innovation: Developing leadership in new approaches by fostering an openness to new ways of thinking.
Growth: Expanding current services and support and including new populations, age groups and localities.
Sanctuary Model:
Lifespire has adopted the Sanctuary model where employees are able to express their opinions and concerns without fear of retribution. The Sanctuary ModelĀ® is a proactive organizational commitment that empowers the Lifespire community by fostering open communication, trust, mutual respect and safety, using solution-focused and strength based practices.

The Seven Commitments
1 Commitment to a Positive and Healthy Environment: to understand organizational culture and promote a harmonious Lifespire community.

2 Commitment to Emotional Intelligence: to promote an increase in emotional self-awareness and sensitivity.

3 Commitment to Social Learning: to promote a therapeutic teaching and learning environment.

4 Commitment to Inclusiveness: to develop a community of shared discussion and collaborative decision making.

5 Commitment to Open Communication: to be courageous enough to speak openly and honestly, listen actively, and resolve problems in a supportive professional manner.

6 Commitment to Social Responsibility: to develop a community of justice, fair play, and responsibility.

7 Commitment to Growth and Change: to help develop a community of creativity, imagination, and hope for a better future.

For more information, visit: Lifespire


Lifespire Inc.
538 W 156th Street
10032 New York , NY
United States
Phone: (917) 507-2001
Fax: (917) 507-2671
New York US