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WASH YOUR HANDS: 20 Seconds or More ft. Doug E. Fresh, Artie Green & Gerry Gunn

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Get Healthy Heights Columbia Community Partnership for Health

Hip Hop Public Health is excited to announce the launch of 20 Seconds or More to empower children and families with information, tools and resources to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19. Like many other diseases, we now know that this virus disproportionately affects communities of color. We also know that young people make up a large proportion of asymptomatic carriers. At a time where misinformation is rampant, we understand how critical it is to create free, engaging, research-based and culturally-relevant educational materials to help save lives. 

Central to the initiative is the 20 Seconds or More music video performed by our founding artist and legendary rapper, Doug E. Fresh who co-wrote the song with multi-platinum producer, Artie Green and Gerry Gunn, along with medical oversight from the Hip Hop Public Health founder, Dr. Olajide Williams.